Are you someone who easily finds new subjects to paint? Or do you sometimes find it difficult to get away from a template and develop new, very own ideas?

I am often asked: “How do you actually come up with new ideas for motifs?” – and that’s exactly what I want to go into today and show you one of many ways to put your own pictures on paper.

I’ll show you a very playful and easy way to discover new motifs for painting: even those that you would never have planned in life!

The following video will give you an insight into a playful approach to new motifs. I use them very often, especially when it comes to funny, happy, crazy happy paintings.

Find motifs to paint: playful, easy and random

How did you like the video?

As you can see, it can be very easy to find new motifs to paint. It doesn’t always take a long, complex, and time-consuming process.

Sometimes the most beautiful pictures simply emerge from random, light, playful scribbling 🙂

I am happy if I can now invite you to pull out the sketchpad, pick up a pencil and just start scribbling happily!

Just let the lines run onto the sheet, be curious to see what will come up.

At the beginning it may be a bit tricky to be able to “see” something in the scribble right away. But that gets easier over time.

You can also turn your paper and see what you can see.

And of course you don’t have to stick to the pencil alone – maybe you want to add colors or experiment with splashes of watercolor paint or chalk.

Just take the material you like and let yourself play: you will discover your next motifs for painting as if by yourself. And so much more! 🙂

I am happy when I can inspire you and I am already looking forward to your next pictures.

All the best for you and – Happy Painting!