One of my favorite steps in happy painting is the fineliner fun: Here we play wild, free, happy and exuberant with a black and a white fineliner to bring our picture to life. 

My Happy Painters often ask a few questions here: 

  • What do I have to pay attention to when I buy fineliners for happy painting? 
  • Which pens are good? How do I find the right one for me? 
  • How do I vary my patterns and lines and decorations? 
  • How do I loosen up my bottom line? 
  • And how do I make my fineliner scribbles look really loose – and not so cramped and “too precise”? 

I would like to answer these questions in this video and tell you some tricks and tips to have a lot of fun with the fineliner fun with the black fineliner – and above all to feel good! 

Basically, I recommend that you just keep painting! 🙂 It gets easier the longer and more often you deal with something – this is also the case with Happy Painting.

The painting method itself is easy and uncomplicated – but you will discover even more joy when you go deeper and deeper and develop more and more routine. Then you will really get into the flow when painting! 

Happy Painting: Feel free and easy while painting!

And that’s exactly what I wish you: Because nothing is more beautiful than the feeling of being completely with yourself and at the same time sinking into the picture … this feeling of feeling completely free and light and lively while painting and welcoming everything that is there just like to show !

Then you will be able to feel more and more how the positive effects and experiences from painting are carried over into your everyday life. 

Painting can do so much in your life!

Get involved in the gift of your creativity and just have a lot of fun with it! 

I now wish you a lot of fun with Happy Painting – and here very explicitly with Fineliner Fun 🙂 

All the best and: 

Happy painting!