The first cool days always have a very special flair, everyone is back from vacation, everyone in the office can be reached again and you realize that it’s getting dark again pretty early. I love these days because somehow they bring a cool head and the feeling of a new beginning.

This weekend I spent highly motivated to devastate the entire apartment, of course everything under the guise of late spring cleaning. Because while I admire a minimalist lifestyle with others, I keep collecting these subjects with stuff – and there are really ONLY things that you really need.

That’s why today I have my tips for better organization, namely the tips for life that I have in mind for this autumn. The DIY for the embroidered postcards with all my tips and tricks as always can be found below, so a reward, so to speak, to give the actually minimalist white corner in the hallway a little splash of color. 😉

  1. The belongings in cupboards and drawers – finally really clearing out – and with it my REALLY! When I open my drawers, I actually only find things that are really needed or that are perhaps very useful, for example sunscreen with sun protection factor 50 in a small size. You absolutely need it when your favorite brand’s little sun cream is empty and you only travel with hand luggage, for example to a sunny country over the weekend and if you don’t want to get tan and don’t want to get any vitamin D … could be.
    This is of course difficult, because you don’t want to be wasteful either, but especially with cosmetics you should just throw away things that are good and maybe also expensive but that you REALLY just don’t use.
  2. E-mails – once the apartment has been cleaned out, you usually stop, but what often saps a lot of energy these days is your own e-mail inbox. Since I’m registered for pretty much every newsletter that sounded interesting somehow, I have a newsletter mailbox, one that doesn’t distract me and that I only check every few days. What has slipped through lately is updated every day and all e-mails in the mailbox are processed.
  3. Eating – The unhealthy habits somehow always become naturalized faster than the good ones … the vanilla ice cream in coffee in the summer months, for example, I really didn’t need 2 coffee breaks to get used to it. Just to look again at which unhealthy habits can be replaced by healthier ones is certainly a good idea from time to time.
  4. Friends – Sounds stupid, but it’s true, you just have acquaintances that are not good for you. The colleague, for example, who actually only gossips during the coffee break. Just reduce the frequency of coffee breaks or invite a couple of happy colleagues to do so.

Probably the final point in such a listing should be, “this is how you keep order” but I think that’s a whole other chapter. It feels good to tidy up, but at the latest when you have desperately searched for the mobile phone three times, which you have put in the drawer in the tidying up frenzy, or the bill that was filed in a folder before it was transferred, you realize that a little more Order is definitely good, but maybe you shouldn’t overdo it – you just need a bit of creative chaos. (Should my friend read this paragraph: Honey, unfortunately that does not apply to you, you can NEVER create enough order.)

These postcards were part of a great black and white calendar from 2015, which of course is still in the drawer because the postcards are so beautiful. However, as part of my clean-up campaign, I decided on my favorite postcards, separated them out ALTHOUGH the calendar had super nice slogans printed over them, and some of them were embroidered in a beautiful color.

As always, here are my tips, tricks and lessons learned:

  1. Material
    postcards: The postcards in black and white are of course practical, but printing out an old picture in black and white is also a good idea.
    Embroidery thread: The embroidery thread I had ordered actually make the Freundschaftsbändchen me, unfortunately it was me then the quality is not good enough but something like it enough perfectly
    embroidery needles: I embroidery needles used a thicker in size 21 for preparing the holes, and a thinner 19 to embroider the thread.
    Pad: It is best to take a piece of cardboard or another pad that can break.
  2. Finding shapes and piercing
    Of course you can let off steam creatively with something like this, but you don’t have to. You can also just look what recurring shapes are and copy them, I think that looks very cool. It is best to prick the shape with the thicker needle, making sure not to put the holes too close together so that the cardboard does not tear.
  3. Embroidery
    Now it’s time to color in, the light colors naturally look best on a dark background, the dark on a light one. 

Have fun, loved ones, doing handicrafts, cleaning up and mucking out and making plans for autumn.