Are you really annoyed? Did you feel particularly annoyed about something today? Do you feel like the whole world is against you? Great – the best conditions for painting! 🙂 

It always seems as if you should grab pens and paper especially when you are in a good mood and glittering unicorns and colorful rainbows accompany you through everyday life. Of course, it is also really fun to paint – but you will feel the ingenious effect that creativity triggers especially when you are really frustrated, sad, angry, annoyed or anxious or just feel misunderstood. 


In my life so far, painting has often carried me through challenging situations. And you can use it for yourself too!

Painting reveals feelings and liberates!

The moment you put colors on paper, your feelings find a place.

You are opening a channel to let your emotions flow in a good way and to feel what is really moving you inside. Because there is often a deeper feeling behind anger, anger or fear – and this is often very clear during the creative process. 

This gives you the chance to deal with your feelings and see what touches and moves you. 

Painting gives you a liberating feeling and it helps you let go. You get the necessary distance from your feelings and can look at them from the outside in a more relaxed manner.

On some days you need an extra helping of serenity 😉

Colors and images are healing for the soul

Our subconscious thinks in pictures. Colors have a psychological effect on us: They can enliven us or relax us, calm us down or provide more clarity and concentration (here you will find an interesting overview of the effect of the individual colors ) .

When you paint a picture, you intuitively create exactly the mood on paper that it needs now to feel good.

The creative process as such is also balm for your soul: painting is like meditation . You are completely in the moment and very attentive to and with yourself. You take time for yourself and immerse yourself completely in your experience. Painting becomes an oasis of relaxation and tranquility in your everyday life – especially when things are hectic or challenging around you.

Do you feel like an alien among other people? Get it on paper! 🙂

Humor is when you laugh anyway

Do you know what always helps me best when painting when things get hot around me? I paint humorous pictures. This creates annoyed owls, grinning fat cats or ironically sketched everyday situations that have just thrown me off my concept. Humor helps wonderfully to take things easier – and on top of that, it’s just great fun to put funny scenes on paper.

It is not important that you present everything perfectly – rather, it is about that it can be easy, with lots of joy and liveliness! Let out everything that’s burning on your soul – it’s often so much easier with painting than with words.

Sometimes you have to swim against the current … 🙂

Feel free to paint!

Painting is YOUR comfort zone.

You alone decide what you paint.

YOU decide what you feel comfortable with.

What is doing you good right now.

Because that’s exactly what it should be about – that painting frees you, makes you lighter, happier and happier.

Even on challenging days!

I wish you that painting can be your channel to let your emotions run free!

Happy painting!