Photograph courtesy of Mark Berry

Paul’s career so far has encompassed many differing roles

Give us a Break, closely followed by The Monocled Mutineer, put Paul firmly in the limelight and he has never looked back.

Sci-Fi fans know him as the 8th Doctor from the 1996 Dr Who Movie, students know him as Marwood from the iconic Bruce Robinson film ‘Withnail and I’ and to others he will always be Lieutenant Bush from Hornblower.

2013 and Paul’s new film, ‘Art Is’, received it’s premiere.

Paul is currently in rehearsals for ‘Major Barbara’ at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, which opens later this month.

Coming up.....

Paul has recorded the first four episodes of an audio drama, The Minister of Chance, which you can download for free here. They need your help to raise funds as they are in the process of making this exciting audio drama into a film! For more information, or to donate and receive perks, click here.

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